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Print out your workbook and fill it out as best as you can.

These forms are so we can have an “intelligent conversation” with you concerning your tax situation. They do not need to be filled out perfectly; if you have questions, you can write notes or even add additional sheets of information or questions. It looks disgustingly long, but most of it will be left blank. it is our way of making sure you don't miss any potential deductions.

A Fillable PDF will allow you to download our workbook, save it to your computer, and type the answers in, and email the workbook to us. You will still have to scan/fax your other tax forms to us, so it is not all paperless. SIGH.... If you have the ability to digitally sign, you can. If not, you can still enter all of the info on your computer, but when it comes time to send it to you will need to print the pages out and sign and initial, then fax. SORRY...

If you want to hand write the forms, you can just print the file out and scribble away.

You will need the Adobe Reader to utilize the PDF Fill. If you don't have it, you can download HERE
ALSO: You need to open the file, save it to your computer, THEN you can data enter and save the information as often as you want, no data should be lost.

APPLE OWNERS: Sorry, but as usual there are always issues. When you have the PDF open on your Mac, go to print it. In the print dialog box, on the lower left, there is a menu labelled "PDF." Choose "save as PDF" from that menu, and then send along the document that you save rather than the original. --- instructions courtesy of one of our clients :-)

Use this one if you have traveled any part of the year.

TRAVELER NON-HEALTHCARE - for the IT, Nuclear Techs, etc. CLICK HERE
Run out of assignment sections? CLICK HERE

NON-TRAVELER - for the "normal person" -Yes, we do have quite a few non-traveler clients.
(Actually many have stayed with us after they have stopped traveling.)

EX PATS - For those living and working abroad. Same workbook, but use the foreign equivalents for any requested US forms.


CANADIAN SUPPLEMENT - you still need to do the US Organizer that pertains to you, you just have an additional one page form. CLICK HERE