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Our specialty practice includes mobile professionals in healthcare, IT, engineering, nuclear, Canadian, international, foreign missionaries, and similar situations. With over 18 years experience, starting with travel nurse taxes, we understand the needs of the traveling "contingent" professional working in multiple tax jurisdictions. We represent clients before IRS, Canadian Revenue Agency, and state tax agencies in audits and controversy resolutions, and are available year round for advice and assistance.

We defend any audited return we prepare and pay penalties and interest if the error is ours.  (subject to terms)

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We at TravelTax have spent multiple hours and effort to compile the information in this web site. Rather than keep our knowledge base as a private mystery, making clients pay consulting fees, we choose to place it all on this web site free, for everyone's viewing. However, TravelTax does not give permission to cut and paste this information for use on any other business web site. We will aggressively defend our copyright if we discover such misuse. We apologize for the bluntness of this disclaimer.


The Travelers Conference is organized and operated by fellow travelers who understand the needs of other travelers. As a non-profit, it has no affiliation with any travel nurse company in order to maintain complete independence.

TravelTax is there every year, teaching about tax issues as they pertain to travelers. It is fun for us to get to actually meet some of our clients! Click the logo for their site.


NEW FAQ: When most travelers decide to ditch the tax home (and go itinerant), they usually do not realize what it entails. Not only do all monetary reimbursements get taxed (meals, stipends, travel) but most of the travel deductions are lost also. BUT THE BIGGEST SHOCKER is that the value of the non-cash benefits also gets taxed. i.e. whatever the company pays for your housing, gets passed on to you as income. On an annual basis, that could mean up to $24,000 in income that you never see and as much as $6,000 in taxes to be paid. 

Travelling with no tax home can be liberating in regards to the freedom to go anywhere you want, and stay as long as you like. Record keeping becomes minimal, and you no longer have to worry about returning home for 30 days a year (and losing paychecks for that time period). Also, there are many situations that it can cost you more to maintain a tax home than paying the taxes. This is why we as a company try to make sure that becoming an itinerant worker is an informed decision. Feel free to call us to talk this through.-- see more FAQ from the link on the right.

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JUST DISCOVERED US? WONDERING IF WE TAKE NEW CLIENTS? We always accept new clients! Download our workbook (link on left) and send it in with the documents listed on the checklist page inside the workbook. We will always acknowledge receipt of information by the end of the next business day and prepare your return in as timely manner as possible.

Do you still need to file for other years also? You are not alone. The traveling life makes record keeping very difficult and the current record holder in our business goes back to the 1990's! We do not charge extra for back-filing. Give us a call and talk to us about how to get you caught up.

If you have already had your returns completed and e-filed, you can check the status of your federal refund on the IRS website.



"HEALTH INSURANCE" = four letter word x 3.75
We have come across one possible resource for travelers. DrakeHealth may have what you need. Here you can find information about ACA, subsidy information, and calculators to help you decide which route is the best: compliance vs tax penalties. You can also start shopping for coverage from here.



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